Attendee Spotlight: Josh Gibbs

Josh Gibbs Josh Gibbs (@jkgibbs ) grew up in the foothills of Tennessee, but don’t let this hillbilly fool you. His unique skill-set of graphic design, marketing strategy, and informational heuristics has allowed him to drive successful marketing campaigns and develop creative pieces for companies like Cisco Systems, VMware, Hewlett-Packard, and

In his spare time, Josh works with smaller companies to help them create a niche for their businesses in the online marketplace by using a mix of traditional, social and new media outlets. Additionally, Josh likes developing fun (and useful) Web apps–like –that improve on existing solutions by approaching them from a user’s perspective. Along with a development team, he is the lead designer on an Xbox Arcade game that has been approved for release later this year.

Josh earned a B.S. in advertising with a focus on Web usability from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Currently, he serves as the Web marketing director for SharedVue, a cloud marketing technologies company.

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