Kd Morris Art Gallery & Wine: Seasonal Hours

Kelly at Kd Morris Art Gallery & Wine Shop is changing her hours to accommodate the chilling season.  Her new hours are:

Wednesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm
Fridays, 11am- 7pm

Wine tasting will continue to be held from 5-7pm every Friday through the end of the year, with special events slipped in there every once in awhile.

The shop will be closed Friday, Nov. 5 and Saturday, Nov 6th while she’s in Atlanta, GA for a art and wine festival.

When she returns, she’ll have a new seasonal wines, including some Reserve Ports (for those cold nights coming up), an incredible Shiraz/ Cabernet (called “Scribbler”), and some special selections for the upcoming holiday meals, including Cranberry,Pomegranate and Blueberry Wines. Keep in mind that Rieslings and Pinot Noirs are very popular wines to pair with the holiday meals as well.

She’ll also be putting together some gift basket ideas, that can include anything you’d like: wine, jewelry, gift certificates (for the shop or for a massage), etc. I’ll have some made up, but you can custom create your own as well, for a unique gift.

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  • Hi Kelly, Trying to find one of the wines I’ve had from your shop. I think it is called AnnaLisa. Its a white wine w/ ginger touches. Can you help me? Hope you and family are well. Hope to get down there during the holidays…Susanne

  • Hi Kelly, Great wine tasting Friday night! I want to attend the Nov 5 art class. I am bringing Winfree Brisley. I forgot to leave our deposit Friday night. I will call you with my info Wednesday. We look forward to the class! Janet

  • Cathy Shannon Dykstra

    HI KELLEY !!!!

    Colleen and I are going to Myrtle Beach but wanted to stop in Holden Beach and visit with you and your studio first. We will be staying at Oceanside Motel there in Holden Beach. I sure hope you will be there. It is Memorial Weekend. We will arrive LATE on Sunday and stay thru Monday.

    I hope that you are OPEN and we’ll be there with a SMILE. and a HUG !!!

    Cathy and Colleen Dykstra, Manassas VA 703-973-3744

  • We are at Holden Beach on vacation and would like to attend your wine tasting tonight. Could you give me a little more information? Thank you!

  • Hello Kelly!

    How are you? Are you up for a scooter ride? I am planning to stop in soon! I hope this Summer is going well for you at the gallery!

    Sincerely, Sharon Carlson

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