Move Quickly! DREAM Offer Ends Soon!

Who hasn’t dreamed of having an oceanfront home at some point in their life?

Not just living on the island, or near the water, but right smack dab on the strand itself. Proud owner of 2,500+ sq. /ft. of FEMA certified goodness, with nothing but a passing seagull to interrupt your panoramic ocean view!

Oh, I dream about it all the time…and trust me…I’m about as close to being able to afford oceanfront property as I am to being declared the first woman on the moon! But if I close my eyes really tightly, turn on my new “Nature Sounds” CD (thank you TIME Magazine for your bonus gift!), and indulge in a few pina coladas…I can picture every luxurious detail right down to the sand-dollar shaped doorknobs on my imaginary walk-in closet!

Ohhhh yes, this is a fine scenario I have conjured up in my mind! If I really was the owner of such a wondrous place, I would invite my friends over every week for Sunday Brunch. I would smile and wave at the strolling tourists on the warm sand below. I would take my dog, Sandpiper, for afternoon jaunts to the water’s edge and graciously oblige the all the little children that wanted to pet him. Sigh…

Alas, as I sit here at my weathered breakfast table typing, leaving coffee rings on a stack of unpaid bills, I know that the chances of these dreams becoming a reality are slim to none.

However, there is hope! So what if I can’t actually OWN an oceanfront home! That’s shouldn’t stop me from enjoying the thrill of being in one, right?

I’m certain you have each witnessed a happy canine with his head out the car window, grinning like a circus clown, and ears flapping in the wind. Well, this gave me an idea…

The next time I read one of those DOT signs warning me of an upcoming “house-move” across the Holden Beach Bridge…I’m planning to sneak inside of the house the night before.

I will hide quietly until the next morning when the ascent up the bridge begins… at which point I will pour myself a mimosa and fling open the nearest window! I will wave at the boaters below and revel in the fact that for the next 15 minutes I am in possession of the best oceanfront view POSSIBLE!

So the next time you see a picture like this one, look closely and see if you can see me…

I will be the girl with her head hanging out the window and grinning from ear-to-ear!

Casey E. Reeves

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  • I enjoyed both of the posts I’ve read of yours!! I heard once that people have been known to ride on top to lift the power lines. Maybe you should check into it 🙂 Only kidding. Keep writing and sharing. Wishing you many blessings.

  • Right there with you! Why do they take the houses off the island?

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