Business & The Beach

Business & The Beach
By Casey E. Reeves

Throughout the past two weeks, I have experienced one of the most AMAZING displays of community support I have ever known! At the risk of sounding melodramatic, my future career is currently being shaped by the kindness of local business owners and friends alike.

I ask you, in advance, to forgive the ambiguity of the following piece of writing. This is a factual example of the wonderful character and camaraderie of Holden Beach/Brunswick County residents, guaranteed by Yours Truly, the grateful recipient of such positive actions! However, to avoid this article becoming a shameless, self-promoting “plug” for my personal business venture…I’m going to skip over any identifying details.

You’re probably scratching your head, wondering where the heck I’m going with all of this…so I’ll get to the point. Professionally speaking, I am NOT one to go out on a limb and start my own business…. especially in a recession! I am not an investor, I am terrified of debt, and I have never bought a lottery ticket. Nope, not even one! Sometimes I think I can actually hear my bank account cry out in pain when I swipe my ATM card at the gas pump!

I’m known in my circle of friends as the “conservative one”…the one always playing it safe, planning ahead, and opting for the road MOST traveled. So last week when my after-hours-crafting-addiction caught the interest of a potential buyer, I thought it was definitely a fluke. Don’t get me wrong…I was excited, intrigued, and flattered. Who knew someone would actually want to purchase something I was making just for fun?!

As it turns out, LOTS of people were interested! One order turned into two…then four…then ten! Pretty soon I was spinning like a top, trying to figure out how to juggle my regular job/life/responsibilities plus successfully structure and market a new business…did I mention I know absolutely NOTHING about the business world?. Nothing. Seriously.

[Cue “supportive local residents” here.]

This is the part of the story where the community rallies in a way I can only hope to convey in words. Never have I experienced such an influx of sincere generosity. One of the most popular coffee houses in our area immediately offered to sell my product, stating, “How much they love to see a small business grow!” Others have selflessly offered their time to help create my first website and offer tips on how to save money & successfully market my product. Vendors that would undoubtedly view me as “the competition” in a big city atmosphere have, instead, taken me under their wing and provided guidance.

Case in point…the area I call home (and the phenomenal residents that live here) are beyond compare.

In these uncertain economic times, it’s a refreshing feeling to know that if you’re brave enough to risk walking out on a limb…you will be supported by many willing to help you “keep your balance”.

Casey E. Reeves

Editor’s Note: While Casey doesn’t want to promote her business here, WE DO!  Find out more: Poppinz Cake Pops

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