It’s National Maritime Day

Maritime Day

May 22nd is National Maritime Day!

National Maritime Day is a national holiday to recognize the importance of the maritime industry in the United States. The day was created by Congressional declaration in 1933 in honor of the steam ship The Savannah setting sail from Savannah, Georgia on May 22nd 1819.  The Savannah was the first successful transoceanic voyage under steam propulsion.

Since our nations founding, the U.S. Merchant Marine and private vessels have always played a pivotal vital role in our Nation’s success. They supply our Armed Forces around the world in the 21st century and deliver American goods to overseas markets in times of peace.

The Brunswick Islands and the Lower Cape Fear River area is rich in maritime history. Visit the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Southport to view nautical relics and learn more.

Learn more about National Maritime Day below…
U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration
The White House Presidential Proclamation of National Maritime Day, 2014

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