Tropical Storm Arthur [*Updated]

From Town Hall: Tropical Storm Arthur

Tropical Storm Arthur is slowly moving up the coast from the east coast of Florida. Everyone with an interest should carefully monitor official news and weather sources through Friday or until Arthur has passed. Weather changes are expected to start taking place late Wednesday or early Thursday of this week.

All outside furniture and other objects that are subject to damage from high winds should be part of a storm plan. Winds are currently expected to be as much as 70 MPH in gusts. Certainly homeowners should plan for winds at least 35 MPH, with possible higher gusts.

Rain will be part of this storm system. At least 1 inch is expected. Be sure to close and lock windows and doors.

Rough seas are an expected result from the high winds. Be especially careful and watch for potential rip currents. Some minor erosion is possible.

The Holden Beach Bridge is subject to closure as winds reach 45 MPH. Make your plans accordingly.

Tropical Storm Arthur Update #2

Tropical Storm Arthur will be passing Holden Beach offshore throughout the day Thursday and Thursday night. Our area will experience high winds, but they are expected to be less than hurricane force. Less than two inches of rain is expected.

Be sure to secure all items that may be impacted by these high winds. Trash cans need to be addressed as well to eliminate potential unsightly situations.

No emergency teams are expected to be activated during this tropical storm event.

The bridge will remain open unless the winds reach a sustained speed of 45 MPH.

Town Hall will be open Thursday, July 3rd, but will be closed on Friday, July 4th to celebrate the holiday. All Town services are expected to remain uninterrupted during Arthur.

It is suggested that the ocean be well respected and possibly all ocean activities be postponed until storm conditions no longer exist. Friday is expected to be just another wonderful day at Holden Beach.

Be sure to follow your storm plan.

Arthur Update #3

Tropical Storm Arthur at Holden BeachArthur continues to follow the projected path, which will bring it approximately 50 miles off our coast later today. Rain and wind will continue to increase as the early afternoon will be the beginning of the higher winds. The winds are expected to be less than Category 1 hurricane force, as they are projected to be 50 – 60 MPH. The high winds should last through midnight and be gone before Friday morning. Friday should be a nice day.

The ocean will be rough all day today and well into Friday. People are encouraged to stay out of the ocean until this storm event is over.

Extra caution is encouraged and people should not venture outside during this high risk event.

Stay alert and keep up with the storm news.


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