Goodbye Hurricane Arthur, Hello Independence Day 2014!

It’s a beautiful Independence Day at HB

Beautiful Beach after ArthurHurricane Arthur has left us and we’ve got a sunny sky and beautiful beach waiting for you. It’s a perfect day to go shell hunting after the storm or just lounge around the beach. In fact, here is our list of three things you should do today.

Hunt for Seashells

The absolute best time to find beautiful seashells is right after a storm. The churning waves push a lot of whole shells up on the beach and shifting sand reveal even more. Be sure to bring along a bag to make it easier to carry them all. Beach Mart has some nifty seashell bags that are perfect.

Soak up the sun

The clear skies make it a perfect day to lounge around the beach or take a walk (while hunting seashells of course). Put on plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin and using a beach umbrella helps too. If you didn’t buy an umbrella yet, you can always rent one for your visit from our friends at Beach Fun Rentals.

Watch Fireworks

Now remember, fireworks are officially banned by the Town of Holden Beach except for sparklers. With that said, there are usually some families in the area that set them off either on the island or on the mainland. Rumor has it, there will be a good show on the island around 9pm tonight… but you didn’t hear that from us. ::wink wink::

What about you?

What are you going to be doing today for Independence Day? Are you at Holden Beach, or elsewhere? Let us know in the comments!

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