2017 Vehicle Decals

Message from Town of Holden Beach Newsletter

2017 Vehicle Decals will be mailed out to property owners in the April water bills. 

Property owners will receive two decals in their bills. If you would like additional decals, you may purchase two more at Town Hall for $10 each. It is the property owner’s responsibility to distribute decals to their tenants if you own a fulltime rental property. 

The decals are your passes to get back onto the island to check your property in the event an emergency situation would necessitate restricting access to the island. Decals must be displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the windshield, where they are not obstructed by any other items. Officials must be able to clearly read the decal from outside the vehicle. Please note that re-entry will not be allowed if a current, intact decal is not affixed to the windshield as designated.

It is important that you place your decals on your vehicles immediately to avoid misplacing the decals.

Please contact Town Hall at (910) 842-6488 with any questions.

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