Alan and Lyn Holden Present Town of Holden Beach History at Anniversary

Lyn Holden presenting Holden Beach history
Lyn Holden Presenting Holden Beach History at the Town’s 50th Anniversary

On February 16th, 2019, the Town of Holden Beach held an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the town being incorporated. 

Alan and Lyn are the seventh generation of Holden’s to grow up and live at Holden Beach.

Alan Holden, mayor of the Town of Holden Beach, reviewed key dates in the town’s history. He thanked the locals and visitors, along with town leaders for everyone’s efforts in making Holden Beach the dynamic, family-focused beach community it has become.

Lyn Holden presented a chronological review of the Holden Family’s history in the Holden Beach area. He began with the migration of the Holden Family to the area in the 1750’s through present day. 

We’ll be aggregating video and photos of the event and be sharing it here–check back in the coming weeks. 

During the summer season, Lyn presents a Holden Beach History Talk once a week at Beach Mart, a family business since he built it in 1974. Visit the Beach Mart website for information on the event scheduled for summer 2019.

Writer’s note: I’m extremely proud of Alan (my uncle) and Lyn (my dad). They both did a great job at the event. It’s also humbling to think of how many other community leaders have contributed to the success of Holden Beach over the years.

This post originally appeared on the Holden Media blog.

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