Town Update: Hurricane Dorian Update 9/5/19

From Mayor Alan Holden

Holden Beach has had rain from time to time this morning with intervals of sunshine. The surf is becoming more aggressive as Dorian creeps closer.

Dorian is expected to pass Holden Beach just offshore this afternoon and this evening. I expect wind speeds of about ninety MPH. Because the storm is expected to pass offshore the damage will be less than if it were to come onshore in the area of Little River/North Myrtle Beach, SC. It appears we will be on the “good side” of the storm.

The storm surge could be up to seven feet. This is a concern especially if the wind direction pushes the water in a westerly direction. This will cause more of a “cutting into our oceanfront dunes” result.

Overall, I think we are going to come out better than expected. However, expect some damage. As soon as the weather will allow a safe inspection of the island after the storm, I will make sure an updated email blast is sent. The problem is it may be dark when conditions improve. Therefore, I expect it will be tomorrow, Friday morning, before a reasonable, safe inspection can be attempted.

Please know that the return to the island is a priority. Currently the municipal water and sewer systems are off, but the power, which is controlled by Brunswick Electric, is on. Public utilities are a necessity to allow a safe return to the island.  

Don’t forget, you must have your “stickers” to return to the island before the general public is allowed.

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