Town News: Lockwood Folly Inlet Navigation Maintenance Project Update

The Lockwood Folly Inlet Navigation Maintenance Project currently contracted with Goodlow Marine by the US Army Corps of Engineers has been idle since late last week. As of Thursday the dredge was (and is) on station near Browns Landing with shore pipe stretching from the waterway side of the Holden Beach east end along the dune line (pic 1) heading west past Amazing Grace (pic 2) (pic 3) to near Public Walkway #120 at 317 McCray Street. Some dredging of the crossing has occurred prior to last Thursday with beneficial placement of the material going in the area between Amazing Grace and 317 McCray Street (pic 4). It is unknown at this time when dredging operations will begin again.  We have been informed by the Corps of Engineers that the estimated 200,000 cubic yard excavation will be finished early/mid January. Please be mindful of the danger that this industrial work zone presents to the general public and stay well clear should you be inclined to visit the east end beach while enjoying this beautiful weather!

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