Town News: From the Mayor’s Desk *updated*

Below is an announcement from Mayor Alan Holden and the Town of Holden Beach Newsletter.

The conference call meeting this morning with local, state and national officials discussed updates about the Coronavirus. There were no major changes from the last updates. The situation will probably change more in the next two or three days as progress is being made through more information being learned and shared on all levels. 

There are many rumors containing false information. Please be mindful of this and pay attention to official sources. 

The Town of Holden Beach is accessible and the bridge is open. The beach strand, accesses and public parking areas are open. The Town Hall Public Assembly is available only to the Holden Beach commissioners’ activities as may be determined. The staff is working and their duties are being performed. 

The Holden Beach Chapel is currently not holding worship services or any other activities on its campus until further notice. The renovations are ongoing and will be completed before the reopening. 

Concern has been shared by some owners and residents about all of the non-residents and property owners that are visiting Holden Beach. Their concern and request is to close the bridge and island. Consideration by authorities at all levels are making decisions for different locations throughout the country. No two locations are the same. 

No immediate change of the status of Holden Beach is currently contemplated. 

Update from Alan on 3/22/20, 12:30pm: “I have called an emergency meeting on Monday, March 23rd at 4:00 p.m. for the commissioners and I to consider action that may be necessary due to the Coronavirus threat.“

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