Book Cover of Deconstruction by A.W. Davidson, a prologue to Relics of Dawn

A.W. Davidson Publishes ‘Deconstruction’ Short Story

A.W. Davidson has published “Deconstruction: A short story from Relics of Dawn.” 

The short story is the prologue of the science fiction adventure book, Relics of Dawn, scheduled for publication in December. 

This is Davidson’s first book, but Deconstruction has already received a #1 Best Seller Ranking in Amazon’s 45-Minute Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads category.

The Amazon book description for Deconstruction: A short story from Relics of Dawn:

“Superstorms threaten to turn Kaia’s planet into a barren wasteland. Still, she can’t believe her good luck. She gets to spend time with her parents at the wildlife refuge watching her favorite species hatch instead of watching her overpopulated home city be overrun by refugees. When the Council’s first city deconstruction doesn’t go as planned, Kaia’s life is swept toward an uncertain future. Will she be able to face what lies ahead?”

Deconstruction is available on the Amazon Kindle store. It is a free read for members of the Kindle Unlimited program, or 99 cents for others. 

You can also preorder Relics of Dawn before it’s release in December.

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