Town Newsletter: June 23, 2022

Board of Commissioners – June 21, 2022 Meeting Recap

The Board held their regular meeting on June 21st. The following actions were taken:

  • The Board heard reports from Lieutenant Frank DilworthFire Chief Doug Todd and Inspections Director Tim Evans.
  • Approved Ordinance 22-13, An Ordinance Amending the Holden Beach Code of Ordinances, Chapter 92: Nuisances (Outside Lights). Enforcement on the approved ordinance will start January 1, 2023. Please make sure your current lighting is in compliance with the revisions by this date.
  • Approved Ordinance 22-16, An Ordinance Amending the Holden Beach Code of Ordinances, Title VII: Traffic Code. The amendment was to accommodate the perceived intent of the 2:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m. parking restriction. Adding additional signage to clarify the parking program was also approved.
  • Discussed options for the Town’s landscaping contract. The Board agreed to maintain the services in our current contract that includes landscaping on the island and for the mainland entrance to the island.
  • Approved Ordinance 22-14, The Revenues and Appropriations Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2022 – 2023.
  • Authorized the execution of the Transportation Improvement Agreement with the Department of Transportation. Execution of the document is required to construct the Ocean Boulevard Bike Lanes Project. 
  • Heard a presentation from Sunset Slush on their request to utilize push carts on the beach strand. After the presentation, the Board directed Inspections Director Evans to work with Attorney Green on a text amendment to see if the request could potentially be accommodated. 
  • Heard information from Inspections Director Evans regarding the wetland delineation of the marsh streets and 800 block lots. After discussion, he will bring information back to the Board next month about any areas that could be utilized as parking spaces in the areas closest to beach accesses on those streets.
  • Approved Ordinance 22-15, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 21-13, The Revenues and Appropriations Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2021 – 2022 (Amendment No. 18). The amendment was necessary to comply with the Fiscal Control Act by providing for and recognizing actual paid parking revenues received and the startup expenses incurred for on and off street parking, in addition to initial costs at 441 Ocean Boulevard West. 
  • Scheduled interviews for vacancies on boards for July 19th at 4:45 p.m. If you are interested in applying to fill a vacancy click here to access an application form.
  • Approved a bonus of $750 per person for all current full time employees in good standing with the Town. The bonuses will be issued this fiscal year. 
  • Approved updated salary ranges for Town employees. The ranges were adjusted using the Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustment percentage.
  • Requested that Inspections Director Evans work with the Planning & Zoning Board to evaluate and propose any appropriate changes to Ordinance 94.03, Frontal Dune Policy and Restrictions. They were also instructed to advise the Board on the suitability of moving portions of Section 94.03 to Chapter 157: Zoning Code. 

Click here if you are interested in viewing the meeting packet. 

You can also hear audio from the meeting by visiting

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