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Board of Commissioners’ Meeting Agenda

July 2022

  • TOWN OF HOLDEN BEACHBOARD OF COMMISSIONERS’ REGULAR MEETING           HOLDEN BEACH TOWN HALL – PUBLIC ASSEMBLY                    1.    Invocation 2.    Call to Order/ Welcome3.    Pledge of Allegiance4.    Agenda Approval Added 7A  (budget amendment) and 23A (a closed session to consult with the attorney).  Approved as amended.5.    Approval of Minutes All approved.a.     Minutes of the Special Meeting of May 31, 2022
    b.     Minutes of the Special Meeting of June 10, 2022
    c.     Minutes of the Regular Meeting of June 21, 20226.    Public Comments on Agenda Items
  • James Bauer, 329 OBW, golf carts have many inherent dangers.  Besides the obvious problems, the lithium ion batteries are extremely dangerous due to the flammability. 
  • Tracey Thomas, 109 Frigate, discussed the concerns about lowering the speed limit on OBW during the offseason.  She quoted from the NCDOT study that determined the speed limit is currently correct.
  • Other letters are online.
  • 7.    Discussion and Possible Action on National Park & Recreation Month Proclamation – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson Approved unanimously.8.    Discussion and Possible Setting of Public Hearing for NC Public Beach and Coastal Waterfront Access Grant Application – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson Grant application for Hatteras ramp and walkway on the 50’ access parcel at the Pier. Voted unanimously to set a Public Hearing prior to the August Regular Meeting.9.    Police Report – Chief Dixon  Two officers short, not much to report on.  Be ready for storms. 10. Discussion and Possible Action on Golf Cart Violation Reporting Tasker – Mayor Pro Tem Smith and Commissioner Kwiatkowski Follow up on a previous request to get a monthly report on golf cart violations. Police Chief concerned about discrimination. Police Department says they can’t provide the data.  The PD agreed to provide a report.11. Discussion and Possible Action on Speed Limit on Ocean Boulevard – Commissioner Dyer Concerned about the 45 MPH on OBW in the offseason.  After Bike Lanes are put in it will become more dangerous.  Motion to keep the speed limit 35 MPH year-round, passed 3-1 with Commissioner Smith voting to keep the current practice of changing limit to 45 MPH in the offseason.  The actual ordinance change will be brought back next month for approval.12. Inspections Department Report – Inspections Director Evans  Gave report on department’s activities.  Growth continues.13. Discussion and Possible Action on Ordinance 22-17, An Ordinance Amending Town of Holden Beach Code of Ordinances, Chapter 112: Peddlers – Inspections Director Evans Voted unanimously to allow sales on the strand from 10AM – 6PM, April 1 to November 1.  A brick-and-mortar store on the island is required.  Ordinance to be sent to the Town Attorney for review and pending no issues go into effect August 1.a.     Fee Schedule Revision Fee was revised to add $250 for a license and $1000 per cart, for up to five carts14. Discussion and Possible Action on Status Update for Wetland Delineation of Marsh and 800 Block Lots – Inspections Director Evans Delineation revealed nine parking spots on Sailfish, four on Sand Dollar, none on Scotch Bonnet. There is room to add a lot in the 800 block and some spots in the 700 Block, with possible additional spots for golf carts.  No action taken.  Bulkheading is needed and desired, but funds are not available.  15. Discussion and Possible Approval of Resolution 22-07, Resolution of Intent to Permanently Close a Portion of Carolina Avenue – Town Clerk Finnell   Public Hearing set for immediately prior to September Regular Meeting.16. Discussion and Possible Action on Statements of Qualifications Received for Block Q and the Pier Properties – Town Manager Hewett Only one bid was received.  Commissioners asked the Town Manager to send it out for bids again.17. Discussion of Post & Rope Definitions and Other Considerations Related to Section 95.05 Streets Rights-of-Way and Determination of Next Steps – Commissioner Kwiatkowski Discussed forming a committee to review Post-n-Rope, but decided to ask the League of Municipalities about the liability issue of items in the rights-of-way.18. Discussion and Possible Selection of Members to Serve on Town Boards – Town Clerk Finnell  Peggy Schiavone and Keith Smith were appointed to the Parks and Rec Board.   Richard Griffin was appointed to a regular position on the Board of Adjustment and Gerald Arnold and Rick McInturf will serve as Alternates.  John Cain was appointed to the regular position on the Planning and Zoning Board.   Mark Francis and Aldo Rovito were appointed to the alternate positions. 19. Discussion and Possible Action on Monthly Financial Report Content – Commissioner Kwiatkowski Town Manager and Inspection Department will bring suggestions back about the appropriate level of detail to be put in place for September.20. Public Comments on General Items
  • Talah Woods, a Supply resident, concerned about the lack of lifeguards.
  • Keith Smith, Durham St. commented that regarding golf carts it is up to parents to keep children safe, not ordinances.
  • 21. Town Manager’s Report
  • FEMA Project Special Obligation Bonds have rolled over to a new interest rate.  It has not been determined if interest is reimbursable.
  • Seagull street was paved.  The shared cost appears to be $2800 per 50’ lot for property owners on Seagull. 
  • The Town is still down five employees.
  • Enabling legislation for all paid parking revenue to be used as desired passed the NC General Assembly.  
  • Lift Station #1 (the one near the bridge) needs to be upfitted and have increased capacity.  It is not in the Capital Plan. 
  • 22. Mayor’s Comments The Mayor and Town Attorney prepared legal action regarding a proposed Shark Fishing Tournament.  The Town is not opposed to fishing from the beach but is opposed to shark fishing near swimmers.  The tournament has been postponed until October.  It is hurricane season, the Town is prepared.  The traffic on the weekends is better this year, kudos to the PD department for blocking left-hand turns as people come off the bridge.  The concerts are going well; crowd behavior has improved.  23. Board of Commissioners’ Comments
  • Commissioner Smith complimented the concerts and thanked the Board volunteers.  We need to do something about LSVs, contact him!  He recognized Gerald Brown’s passing. 
  • Commissioner Murdock also thanked the volunteers, he also recognized Gerald Brown and his family. 
  • Commissioner Dyer thanked the staff, volunteers, and remembered Gerald Brown. 
  • Commissioner Kwiatkowski recognized the volunteers.  She discussed the storm water issue and said it is a work in progress and also remembered Gerald.

      23A. Added Agenda item: Executive Session to consult with Town        Attorney.  No action taken.

      24. Adjournment

 Click here for the meeting packet and here for the audio of the meeting. 

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