Town Newsletter: January 2, 2023

From the Mayor’s Desk

Happy New Year!!

Now that 2023 is here, we need to be thankful for the goodness of the past and pray for an even better future as we work together. 

2022 finished with extreme cold days. A thorough check of your property for possible wind and frozen pipe damage would be a good idea. 

Yes, NCDOT has again postponed the bike path project. Rebidding and a proposed start date will begin soon, I hope. I was surprised!

I believe this year there were more people on the island for Thanksgiving and Christmas than ever before. Kids were playing in the park with temperatures in the low thirties. Some only wore t-shirts and shorts! Oh to be young!

The Brunswick County officials continue to caution me that property tax values are going up and rates will have to be adjusted. The county beaches have enjoyed values rising more than the mainland. As more information is available, Holden Beach officials will find themselves in a squeeze. Operating costs are rising like crazy and the competition to hire more good help is challenging. The Police Department still finds itself short of a full staff. 

Sales inventory is still low and sales reflect less activity. Construction is slowing while prices of materials and availability are not as desired.

The Holden Beach Chapel provided a wonderful Christmas concert and a prayerful, moving Christmas Eve service. Both events “packed” the beautifully decorated sanctuary.

Professionals have been hired and they are working on proposals for the Block Q property besides the bridge and the fishing pier property. The commissioners will need to make decisions in the near future. Though there is not any physical work evident, there is work being done on both projects.

The Town is also heavily involved in plans for handicapped access and parking needs as required by the state and federal requirements. This is a priority topic.

Volunteers and the Town staff did a wonderful job in decorating for the holidays again this year. It will be sad seeing them removed but more celebrations are ahead!

Boaters that are storing their boats on their property should check their lines to be sure they are securely tied to docks, lifts or trailers. Wind and tides can do strange things. 

Keep in mind that many supplies and parts are still available on a limited basis. If you are planning repairs and improvements this spring, it may be a good idea to contact your contractor so that supplies and parts can be ordered now. 

Spring will be here before you know it!


J. Alan Holden

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