Town News: Lockwood Folly Inlet Dredging

Lockwood Folly Inlet Navigation Maintenance Dredging

Southwinds Dredging Company has made tremendous progress over the last 24 hours, having filled in over 300 feet of beach. As of 5:00 p.m. today they are located at 232 Ocean Boulevard East (beyond Blockade Runner), which is further than their anticipated ending point of Avenue E. We still do not know how long the material will hold out, but right now it appears there is plenty. They are anticipating adding another 100 feet of pipe tonight. The sand quality is still great. Keep your fingers crossed as we go into the weekend.

Road Closure

The portion of Brunswick Avenue on the north side of Town Hall that is currently closed is scheduled to be reopened Sunday.

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  • Can anyone tell me what is going on with the Lockwood Folly Inlet. I own a place in Clam Bay and put my boat in at Holden Wildlife and go out the Lockwood Inlet. My nethew tells me that it is almost washed full. Is it going to be dreded soon or what is going to happen to it.

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