Town News: Loss of Early Town Leader

Holden Beach has lost another one of its early leaders and residents. Elwood Newman of 121 Durham Street has passed away in Galax, Virginia. Galax was his hometown and where his family still resides.

Before Hurricane Hazel in 1954, Mr. Newman had a camper next to the pavilion at the south end of Ferry Road. He and his parents first came to Holden Beach in the 1940’s. Mr. Newman and his wife Doris owned rental property here for decades. Doris Newman served as a Holden Beach Commissioner from 1971 through 1973 and was a volunteer for many other Town endeavors. She passed away over twenty years ago. Mr. Newman remarried to his now very sick wife, Patty. Mr. Newman was very active in providing services and support for the Town. He actually served as a police officer using his own gun and vehicle without taking pay from the Town. Times were tough then and residents stuck together to get things done without hardly any money to operate the Town.

Many of us referred to Mr. Newman as Captain Elwood because of his love of fishing and the dozens of boats he owned and operated through the decades. He taught many kids how to water ski down at Theedy’s Place (north of Davis Street, gone now) in the 1960’s. Mr. Newman didn’t quite make it to the age of 90, but his love of Holden Beach and his experiences here were truly exceptional. I, and Holden Beach have lost a friend.

Funeral arrangements are not yet known.

Ina Mae Mintz passed away this past week. She served as mayor for the nearby town of Bolivia for many years. She was the wife of Foster Mintz, who was the Chairman of the Board of Elections for Brunswick County on May 7, 1969. Mr. Mintz swore in the first elected officials for the Town of Holden Beach. They were John F. Holden, Mayor and Commissioners James D. Griffin Sr., Kermit Coble, Joe Hewett, Elizabeth Holden and Hugh Dutton.

Mayor Alan Holden

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