Town Newsletter: January 10, 2023

From the Mayor’s Desk

Over the decades Holden Beach has been blessed with wonderful property owners and residents. Many have contributed to this island in various ways.

One example is William “Bill” Grady Marley, Jr. Besides being a good man with a good family, he was my friend for over fifty years.

Whether you knew him or not, he has impacted your life. I hope you will remember this email the next time you ride across the Holden Beach Bridge. Mr. Marley worked for the North Carolina Department of Transportation and “kept his hands on the project” to be sure it was successful. When it was dedicated in 1985 he told me that “this is the best bridge in North Carolina”. Without his input, guidance and love of Holden Beach, we could have had just another ordinary bridge.

Thank you Bill Marley from all of us at Holden Beach!

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