Town Newsletter: August 17, 2023

Board of CommissionersAugust 15, 2023 Meeting Recap

A public hearing/regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners was held on August 15th. The following actions were taken:

  • A public hearing to hear comments on the final application for the Block Q Restroom Facility as part of the 2023 – 2024 Public Beach and Waterfront Access Grant was held. The final application is due by August 28th. During the pre-application process the Board had inquired if deed restrictions would apply to the entire property or only the parts of the property where the grant funding is used. Assistant Town Manager Ferguson explained that the Division of Coastal Management confirmed the restrictions could be applied only to the proposed grant project area, to include the bathroom, the parking lot connected to the bathroom and the associated landscaping. 
  • Chief Dixon reviewed the Police Report
  • Inspections Director Evans gave the Inspections Department monthly report
  • Mayor Holden explained the Board understands the concerns the public has with funding the sewer lift station project. The Board and staff are continuously seeking funding and are in communication with our state and federal representatives. The Town is working to ensure multiple avenues of funding are available.
  • The Board directed staff to submit the application for the Public Beach and Waterfront Access Grant for the Block Q Restroom Facility.
  • The Board approved Resolution 23-11, Resolution Authorizing the Negotiation of an Installment Financing Contract and Providing for Certain Other Related Matters Thereto and set a public hearing date of September 19th at 5:00 p.m. The $5 million not to exceed amount in the resolution is the maximum number. The not to exceed amount was determined based on the worst case scenario. It does not take into account cash on hand or grant funding. The Town is simultaneously working with the EPA on grant funding for the project.

Click here if you are interested in viewing the meeting packet. 

You can also hear audio from the meeting by clicking here. Audio includes the town manager’s report and mayor/commissioner comments.

(Click on underlined information above to view documentation.)

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