Town Newsletter: August 29, 2023

The concern for Idalia is somewhat greater for Holden Beach now than it was late yesterday, though presently the estimated winds expected for Holden Beach are 30 miles per hour (plus/minus) with gusts up to 60 miles per hour (plus/minus). The full moon tide that is going to impact us late Wednesday and Thursday could have an additional three feet of water due to Idalia. 

Unusually heavy rain will potentially cause further problems. Due to the expected increase of the amount of water in our canals and on the beachfront, owners should take precautions accordingly. These would include securing or removing boats and consideration of elevating or removing items in garages and under homes. Don’t forget golf carts, electric mowers and other electrical devices that may cause fires if subjected to water. Also, please monitor the streets as some streets may become impassible. 

Be sure to have access to your vehicle decals.

Further updates will follow as more information becomes available.

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