POA Newsletter: November 25, 2023

Board of Commissioners’ Meeting Follow Up – November 2023

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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2023 – 5:00 P.M.

1.     Invocation 

2.    Call to Order/ Welcome
3.    Pledge of Allegiance

4.    Agenda Approval Approved5.    Approval of Minutes Approved

a.     Minutes of the Regular Meeting of October 17, 2023 6.    Public Comments on Agenda Items

  • Marti Arrowood – good job on audit.  Wants to accept the bid for Block Q.
  • Jim Bauer has a petition of people who want to avoid the paving on Block Q.  He also wants to know what happened to the sewer lift station.
  • Rick Paarfus – Asked that the work on Block Q be deferred until the incoming Board can review it.  He has concerns about impervious surface, lack of boat parking, and the need to add the Pavilion to the space.
  • Tom Myers – Asked that the decision on Block Q be deferred until the public can be informed.  The public has not been informed about paving, boat parking and the need to move the pavilion
  • Cane Faircloth thanked the current board for their service.  Feels we are very lucky with the inlet.  Wants to preserve Block Q for boaters.
  • Brian Williams as a commercial fisherman concerned about rapid growth of area and lack of boat parking.
  • Tracey Thomas read her letter to the BOC.
  • Mike Felmly addressed pool fences, called for a strategy for the pier, Block Q, closing Carolina Ave and pointed out contract issues with the lobbyist’s contract.
  • Belcher Ragland wants to close Carolina Ave because no homes face it and it won’t have an impact.  She wants the Block Q project to move forward.  
  • Sylvia Pate thinks that the petition from Jim Bauer is not valid, thinks the Block Q project should move forward.  She also is in favor of the lobbyist’s contract.
  • Maria Surprise was in favor of purchasing Block Q however she is concerned about the environmental issues, especially the paving.

Several commenters read the comments they had submitted in writing which can be read here.

7.    Presentation of Fiscal Year 2022 – 2023 Audit Results – Elsa Swenson, Martin Starnes and Associates – (Finance Officer McRainey)Elsa Swenson presented the audit for the year ended June 30, 2023.  Here are the presentation slides.  Here is the Audit.

8.    End of Season Parking Update – Jim Varner, Otto Connect (Town Manager Hewett)  He reviewed the presentation in the meeting packet.  The Town had $683K in the 2023 season. 
9.      Police Report – Chief Dixon All officers have had their training. Everything is very slow. Be careful as scams are going around again.  Do not send money when contacted via phone calls.

10. Inspections Department Report – Inspections Director Evans The department is still busy with new homes and improvements.  They also are working on several Town projects.

11. Discussion and Possible Selection of Lowest Apparent Bidder for Block Q and Associated Paperwork – Town Manager Hewett  Received two bids this round.  Motion to have the Town manager complete the contract, close Carolina Ave. and a budget amendment passed unanimously. Click here for drawings.


 Ordinance 23-14, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 23-11, The Revenues and ppropriations Ordinance or Fiscal Year 2023 – 2024 (Amendment No. 2)
b. Letter of Intent
c. Ordinance 23-15, Order to Close

12. Discussion and Possible Approval of Resolution 23-12, Water Resources Development Grant – Assistant Town Manager Ferguson   This is regarding a grant to help cover shoaling at the Harbor Acres entrance and a few hotspots.  The state would cover 75% and Harbor Acre homeowners would cover the additional 25%.  Resolution passed unanimously. 

13. Discussion and Possible Approval of Ward and Smith, P.A. Engagement Letter – Mayor Holden This is the contract for the Town’s lobbyist, Mike McIntyre.  Contract runs through June 30, 2024 at $9725/month.  Passed unanimously.

14. Discussion and Possible Amendment to Quarterly Meeting Dates – Commissioner Dyer Would like to cancel the planned December 21 Special meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.

15. Public Comments on General Items

  • Brian Williams discussed parking with the direction of traffic when parking large boat trailers.
  • Irv Woods discussed that the navigation dredging helped the East end beach front.
  • Tom Myers talked about the need for information sessions to keep interested property owners up to date. 

16. Town Manager’s Report

  • Coastal Storm Damage Reduction Project, CSDR, (Federal Corps Project): Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) allocated funds to cover part of the Corps’ expenses.  He thinks there might be additional funds as well. 
  • The grant for the Block Q bathroom was approved. 
  • EPA grant package commitment for the Sewer Lift Station: hopes to have it finalized before Christmas.  Has made a request to find out more from Department of Water Resources, DWR, for more details. 
  • OBW Resurfacing and Bike Lanes – work is in progress.  The contractor is working on storm water drains, the project should be complete by Memorial Day. 
  • Turkey Trot is Thanksgiving morning at 8:00am.  300 people are expected. 
  • November 30 is the Annual Tree Lighting with entertainment at 5:00 and Lighting at 6:00. 

17. Mayor’s Comments Happy Thanksgiving.  Glad to hear a good financial report and thanks to staff for grants.  Thinks the Town is in good condition.

18. Board of Commissioners’ Comments

  • Commissioner Smith – thankful for the island, staff, police, and commissioners, and encouraged everyone to stay safe
  • Commissioner Murdock – Hopes the new board will work together, have transparency, has enjoyed serving on the BOC. 
  • Commissioner Dyer – Thanks to staff for grants.  Thanked the outgoing Commissioners.  Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Commissioner Arnold – Hopes the incoming board and the outgoing one can work together. 

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