Introducing BoomClickaBoom & PracticePlanr

BoomClickaBoom is new agile software development company that started this weekend at Holden Beach Startup Weekend. The team is developing two projects over the weekend and are nearly done with the first of these–PracticePlanr.

PracticePlanr is an iPhone app designed to help soccer coaches and parents plan practice schedules on the go– they can plan practices by name and date, set up the sequence of drills to run, note goals for each drill, and even draw Xs and Os on a whiteboard. PracticePlanr is designed to help maximize the productivity of team practices — easily find the next drill in your schedule with the swipe of a finger!

The logo for PracticePlanr appears below as well as the reduced size logo that will be featured on the iPhone.

ProjectPlanr Large-Size Image
PracticePlanr Logo

ProjectPlanr iPhone App Image
iPhone App Version

BoomClickaBoom is Adam Arney, Brian Auton, Tiffani Ashley Bell, Jennifer Griffin, Z.Y. Guo, Matthew McFarling, & Roy Morejon.

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