Town News: A Call for Help on Terminal Groins Issue

Terminal Groins

Erosion at coastal inlets is unlike erosion along other parts of the NC Coast. There is currently a different set of State rules under CAMA regulating erosion control methods. The terminal groin would be one more proven-effective inlet-specific tool to help manage our coast. Erosion has a negative impact on property owners, tourists, local governments, birds, turtles, plants and other wildlife.

As directed by the General Assembly, the Coastal Resources Commission has studied terminal groins, determined they are effective and made recommendations on their use.

Please contact NC House Speaker Joe Hackney before June 1st to urge him to let Senate Bill 832 be heard and debated freely during the 2010 short session. It is imperative that we ALL express our concerns to the Speaker.

Call – 919-733-3451
Fax – 919-715-7586
Mail – The Honorable Joe Hackney, Speaker NC House of Representatives 16 W. Jones Street, Room 2304 Raleigh, NC 27601

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