POA Newsletter: October 14, 2022

The Town of Holden Beach Board of Commissioners will meet Tuesday, October 18 at 5:00 PM for their regular monthly meeting.  Highlights include:

  • Update from our lobbyist Mike McIntyre
  • Possible action on oceanfront walkways
  • Possible action on upgrading the Greenboro Street Sewer Lift Station
  • Possible action on limiting the use of vinyl siding
  • Possible Bulkheading for 700-800 block marshes and the Par Course area
  • Possible action on finding an engineering firm for a new water tower
  • Discussing ending paid parking early, on October 28.

In addition, while not on the agenda the Town has released information indicating that they will add to the agenda the acceptance of a PARTF grant for the pier.  Read it here  and here.

The agenda is below.  Click here for the meeting packet.

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