Town Newsletter: February 25, 2024

Board of Commissioners
February 20, 2024 Meeting Recap

A public hearing/regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners was held on February 20, 2024. The following actions were taken:

  • The Board held a public hearing on proposed changes to Holden Beach Code of Ordinances Sections 157.083 Accessory Structures and 157.006 Definitions. 
  • Michael Norton and Jim Ford from McGill Associates reviewed their slideshow regarding the Sailfish Park Site Specific Master Plan. The Board did not approve the proposed plan
  • Chief Dixon reviewed the Police Report
  • Inspections Director Evans gave the Inspections Department monthly report. He provided an update on the status of the ADA mediation agreement.
  • The Board approved Ordinance 24-01, An Ordinance Amending Holden Beach Code of Ordinances Section 157.083 Accessory Structures and Section 157.006 Definitions.
  • The Board provided information on the Pier Public Input Session scheduled for February 29th. The architect will be available to answer questions. The public will sign in and submit written comments. A summary of the written comments will be provided to the Board at a future date. No formal presentations will be made at the meeting.
  • The Board agreed to issue a request for proposals for a new permanent attorney.
  • The Board agreed to allow a couple of members from the HB Chapel to conduct the Annual Easter Sunrise Service from the HB Pier.
  • Town Manager Hewett provided an update on Sewer Lift Station #2.
  • The special meeting schedule was amended.

Click here if you are interested in viewing the meeting packet. 

You can also hear audio from the meeting by clicking here. Audio includes the town manager’s report and mayor/commissioner comments.

(Click on underlined information above to view documentation.)

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