What to do if you see a Sea Turtle


What to do if you see a Sea Turtle on Holden Beach

The Holden Beach Turtle Patrol has been having a record number of false crawls this season – a female comes ashore to lay a nest then gets frightened away and leaves the beach without laying a nest; most likely “dropping” her eggs at sea.  Our loggerhead sea turtles are a threatened/endangered species and harassing them in any way is a punishable offense. There have been reports of people taking flash pictures and shining lights in the turtle’s face.

We think beach goers just need to be educated in what to do when you see a sea turtle coming ashore while you walk the beach at night.

DO NOT TAKE FLASH PHOTOS – this disorients the turtle and frightens her.  Her eyes are used to seeing things under dark water!  Pick up a red cover to cover your flashlights at any local realtor or at Town Hall!

KEEP QUIET – again sea turtles are used to being under water.  Noise frightens them!

DO NOT TOUCH or GET CLOSE TO HER – she is a wild creature of the sea.  While she is slow on land, instinct is to lay her nests on shore and she must ‘lumber’ on sand to dig and lay her eggs.


and wait for a return call – note your beach address; a team will be there ASAP.

STAND BACK AND WATCH QUIETLY– let this awesome creature ‘do her thing’!

You can learn more about our sea turtles by attending Turtle Talk every Wednesday at 7:00 at Town Hall (till Aug. 11) or by visiting our website  hbturtlewatch.org

Thank You!
Holden Beach Turtle Patrol

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